Based on your specific project, CCM will consider / discuss the best way in which you should proceed with the project.

The following is a list, by no means is it exhaustive.

Each project depending on its size and complexity would derive a different list, an example follows:

  • The most practical method of proceeding with the project for example do you have a designer / design – this will depend on whether a designer needs to be sought or not.
  • Identifying the Scope of Service / Works required.
  • Recommending and gaining agreement with the Client on the Companies to be approached.
  • Preparation of Request for Proposals / Tender Documents and issuance to the agreed list of Consultants / Contractors.
  • Requests for a Fee from appropriate Designers.
  • Recommendation of the best in germs of value
  • Types of Contract / Agreement most appropriate.
  • Evaluation and recommendation of the best company to enter into agreement with – (presented in a form of a report to the Client).